360 ° Panoramic Camera MEKNIC V360 Appearing on the Market Arouses a Heated Deb

Recently, the high-tech product–360 ° panoramic camera MEKNIC V360 degree camera 360°has been listed in the market surrounded by people’s expectations, thus becoming the center of the heated debate. High-tech products being listed in the market should have been nothing new in the Internet era, but why could MEKNIC V360 panoramic video camera arouse the debate by all sectors of the society?


Demand is a driving power to promote the development of an industry. As China has speeded up its development in “Internet +” information technology, people’s demands on imaging technology and related technological products are increasing. They are no longer contented with imagination as the scenes they can only imagine before enter into their daily lives. Currently, the panoramic video and images sweeping the world is the product of the new era of science and technology.

Nowadays, we can watch panoramic images through VR devices and it is 360 ° panoramic camera that provides the sources of such images. It is said that 2016 is the “golden year” marking the success of world’s VR industry. 360 ° panoramic camera technology should be given the biggest credit, which witnesses a fresh new era with panoramic photography experience.

People concerned in the industry introduce that briefly speaking, 360 ° panoramic camera is a high-tech product through which you shoot 360 ° panoramic images through translating the camera when shooting. Its principle is to conduct edge searching of the original two separate images and overlap the close areas, thus forming a complete image via a seamless splicing technology. Under the trend for VR influence on people, the panoramic camera industry rises rapidly and more and more upgraded and developed new generation of products come out.


MEKNIC V360 panoramic camera is the outstanding performer generating under such trend. It combines high-tech, refined and high-end resources within the industry, showing rich fruits of human science and technology development. According to informed sources, MEKNIC V360 panoramic camera was developed by Supremevalue. Exclusively. The company set foot in the field of high-tech products since 2006, being fully committed to research and development of imaging products and related services. The self-developed “Spoor” brand products win the favor and praise of consumers with its “excellent quality, professional service and superior experience” and have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions including those in Europe, North America, South America, and Southeast Asia.

Supremevalue seize the opportunity of the times and independently developed MEKNIC V360 panoramic camera. It focuses on consumer demands to start R & D design and inherits the extraordinary blockbuster new products. The appearance design of MEKNIC V360 panoramic camera is exquisite and fashioned, becoming the necessity of young people when playing sports and traveling. Moreover, its professional imaging and function are very impressive.

Meanwhile, high-resolution of images and video eliminate users’ worries for shooting effects; the precise optical glass lens and 360 ° lateral longitudinal shooting functions meet users’ needs for easily capture and record life’s most memorable moments in speed (skydiving, skiing, surfing), vivid (landscapes, monuments), noisy (parties, banquets, celebrations) and any other scenes. There will be no other needs with such a camera. 
According to experts, many people argue that the panoramic camera is popular only among photography enthusiasts and professionals popular product, and has not been fully popularized and used. This statement is very one-sided, as for panoramic camera, it begins becoming popular in a small portion of professionals and enthusiasts, and with the VR video development, more and more ordinary people begin to enjoy the benefits of panoramic camera, so the entire panorama market is promising in the future.

At this time, the more important reason why MEKNIC V360 becomes a hot topic is that the price of it makes it a consumer-grade product. In other words, its function is similar to other brands, but its actual cost is lower than the previous generation products so that people can afford it. It may lead a new generation of panoramic camera sales storm. 

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Post time: May-03-2017
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